Alex and Haley found the perfect venue for their New Year’s Eve wedding taking place inside the beautiful historic Spanish-styled building known as the Boise Train Depot. Overlooking downtown Boise and located at 2603 W Eastover Terrace, Boise Idaho it’s one of Boise’s most prominent landmarks. Built in 1925 for use as a Union Pacific railroad depot, the building was designed by New York architects and was heralded as “the most beautiful structure of its kind in the west.” It has of course since been renovated and the buildings “waiting room” from the past is now a 3,542 square-foot multi-story atrium that can be used for all sorts of events including weddings. Of course you can still visit the historic landmark during its normal business hours to walk around and take in the buildings history too. I didn’t even mention the beautiful Platt Gardens that is located in front of this historic landmark, but this is a winter wedding, so we really didn’t spend a lot of time outside. Nonetheless, this too becomes a destination for many to enjoy during other times throughout the year.

The First Look

Outside on the back half of the building, is a great spot for doing a first look. It's more secluded allowing guest and other vendors to use the front doors for access while giving the bride and groom still an opportunity to go outside without really being seen and the white walls and brick gives a really clean look to your photos, allowing your bride and groom to be the center of attention. Weather permitting, this also allows you to get different looks during other portraits from the day at other locations on the property such as the Platt Gardens and in the front of the venue.

Wedding Photography First Look Photos
Wedding Photography First Look Photos Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photography Boise Train Depot First Look Photos
Wedding Photography Boise Train Depot First Look Photos
Wedding Day Photography First Look Pictures
Boise Train Depot Wedding Photography First Look Photos

Inside Photo Opportunities

Inside, if your photographer has an opportunity like I did; a photo of the ceremony and of people dancing shot with a wide angle lens is a must have. The bell tower is a cute little nook for some portraits as well. 

Boise Train Depot Indoor Wedding Ceremony
Boise Train Depot Great Hall Wedding Photos

Wedding Attire

Haley had on a gorgeous strapless wedding gown from Kate’s Bridal Cottage, that later in the evening she had a large bowtie attached for the gift that she is and for when ready to party. Held from her waist as she walked down the aisle with her father was a beautiful flower bouquet from Indee Blooms located here in the Treasure Valley. From Men’s Warehouse, Alex had on an awesome suit coat that was black and dark purple with paisley patterns throughout and completed with a bowtie and beautiful boutonniere from Indee Blooms. 

Wedding Gown Kate's Bridal Cottage Wedding Photography Boise
Groom Wedding Photography Men's Warehouse Men's Tux and Indee Blooms Wedding Boutonnière


Immediate family along with the Bride and Groom gathered in the bride’s room overlooking the Grand Hall just prior to the ceremony. Alex and Haley each read their notes to one another out loud. The emotions from all were beautiful to witness and the love between these two people that were soon to be husband and wife was shared for all to hear. 

Boise Wedding Photography at the Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photography Boise Emotional Moments Groom
Boise Train Depot Wedding Photography Letters from Bride and Groom
Boise Train Depot Wedding Photography Letters from Bride and Groom
Wedding Day Photography Boise Idaho Emotional Moments Bride

The Ceremony

The ceremony was everything that a girl and her husband could ever dream about. A close friend as their Officiant, romantic musical notes memorizing all to hear coming from the bell of a saxophone, her father walking her down the aisle while he’s trying to hold back the emotions of the day yet still remembering she’s his little girl that has all grown up. Many of the closest of friends and family are gathered as a supporting cast as part of the wedding day or here to simply witness a beautiful union between two people as they enter a new stage in their lives. 

Wedding Photography Ceremony Saxophonist
Wedding Photography Ceremony Boise Train Depot
Boise Train Depot Indoor Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Ceremony Photos
Wedding Photography Ceremony Photos Maid of Honor
Wedding Photography Ceremony
Wedding Photography Indoor Weddings Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photography Bride Coming Down the Aisle Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photography Ceremony Photos Inside the Boise Train Depot
Boise Wedding Photographer Ceremony Photos Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photography Ceremony Photos Rings
Wedding Photography Kiss the Bride
Wedding Photography Ceremony Photos

Grand Entrance & Dances

The grand entrance started with the mariachi band leading the way and with Alex and Haley following closely behind. They continued to play into the evening as well as during the first dance when they then performed “Para Siempre” and the interior lights of the Great Hall then dimmed. Dj Victor took over the dance floor for the rest of the evening with an assortment of musical choices for all to dance to.

Grand Entrance Wedding Photography Boise Idaho
Wedding Photos Boise Train Depot Alex and Haley's Wedding
Wedding Photography Mariachi Band
Wedding Photography Mariachi Band Boise Train Depot
First Dance Indoor Wedding Photography
Boise Train Depot First Dance Indoor Wedding Photography
Wedding Photos First Dance Boise Idaho
Father and Daughter Dances Wedding Photography Boise Idaho
Mother and Son Dances Wedding Photography Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photography Special Dances Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photos Dances
Groom Wedding Photography Dancing Boise Train Depot
Wedding Photos Dance Floor
Boise Train Depot Wedding Photography Dancing

So Much More

I wish I could continue to share more about this most wonderful day and evening such as; the story telling elements/video that Gage Horne Studios captured throughout the day, the tasty cake from Amaru Confections was well… delicious, the catering from Open Table, etc. but this is supposed to be a blog and not a book. However, HUGE SHOUT OUT to all the vendors, friends, and family who helped make this day one to remember for Alex and Haley…thank you!

Cake Cutting Wedding Photography Boise Train Depot
Boise Wedding Photographer Dance Floor Photos Boise Train Depot

The Grand Exit

The Boise Train Depot New Year’s Eve Wedding ended with the grand exit of course. Sparklers were in everyone’s hands who were still in attendance. Haley and Alex exited the exterior doors of the Train Depot where they too were given sparklers in hand, and they made their way down and stopped for one more kiss for us all to see. Cheers of joy could be heard into the darkest of nights where I’m not sure if we would have heard any fireworks that may have been going off in the distance. Congratulations to Alex and Haley and to your new beginnings as husband and wife, I know we all wish you both the very best in life and marriage. 

Sparkler Exit Boise Train Depot New Years Eve Wedding
Boise Wedding Photographer Sparkler Exit at the Boise Train Depot

Known Vendors

Venue | Boise Train Depot, Boise Idaho

Photography | Jerry Moyer Photography

Videography | Gage Horne Studios

Wedding Gown | Kate’s Bridal Cottage

Bridesmaids Dresses |

Men’s Tux | Men’s Warehouse

Florals | Indee Blooms

Cake | Amaru Confections

Catering | Open Table

DJ | Dj Victor

Hair | Leticia

Makeup | Yessenia Esparza-Ruiz

Officiant | Rosario Soto

Thank you

I hope that you enjoyed reading about Alex and Haley’s wedding at the Boise Train Depot. If your engaged and interested in having me as your wedding photographer, I would love to talk to you about your wedding day and what is most important to you for on your big day. Also be sure to checkout the vendors above for any of your other wedding needs too, more information about the Boise Train Depot or its history can also be found on their website. Not ready to get in touch yet? Check out my blog on helpful tips, when to start booking your wedding day vendors at